Sometimes it’s what you don’t get that’s important!

I’ll never forget my first trip to camp. I was 13 years old, and it was an amazing experience. Whenever I came home from any kind of trip, my mom would always go over my stuff and do a mental inventory, as I was not great at remembering things all the time. That year I can clearly remember her saying “well, you got everything..but you also brought one thing home you didn’t come with, looking at that rash on your arm…poison ivy! The camp that I had attended, had poison ivy everywhere, and I wasn’t the only one that brought it home with me. You see, in this case, it would have been better for me NOT to get something. What does all of this mean when it comes to NO RAMP Trailers? Let me explain.

You see, there are tons of things that you get when you buy a NO RAMP Trailer. Sure, you get an amazingly high-quality trailer, that will help you save time and money, help to avoid equipment damage, and will eliminate injuries associated with loading your trailer. Sure, you will get the amazing customer service that comes with buying from us at NO RAMP Trailer. So what WON’T you get? The opposite! You WON’T get a low-quality trailer that will cost you more time and money, cause equipment damage or make you injury prone. You WON’T have to deal with awful customer service, that makes you feel like everything is your fault. These negative features will not be a part of your buying experience or your ownership experience for that matter. That is our pledge to every customer. We hope you will give us a try!

What Separates One Company From Another?

If you line three widget companies up, what separates one from the other? Is it the name? No…not really anyway, because the name normally doesn’t make the product any different. Sure, a name may include in it “the brand”, or it may even describe the item, which I suppose would set the product apart, but that in an of itself isn’t what distinguishes one product from another. Is it the price? That’s a big no. Many reading this now have paid more than they should for an item that ended up being as big of a piece of junk, if not more, than a lower priced competitor. So what does separate one company from another? I believe it is what they value. Let me explain…

If ABC Widgets values profit above people, then they will do all they can to cut corners and make the highest profit margin possible. If they value people above quality, then they may do all they can not to step on toes and end up with huge quality control issues. If they put such a huge emphasis on quality that they burn out their people, they may end up with huge problems on all fronts. So what is it that makes one company stand out above others? As I stated above, it is what they value, and if they value balance, they will have an amazing product, put together by amazing people, at a fair price.
Balance is a value we have at NO RAMP Trailers. We will do all we can to put out the highest quality product, at a fair price, all while keeping in mind how important our employees are. We hope that this shows through in the end product that you receive and that it is top of mind when it comes to ordering from us again, and in referring us to your friends and family. “

“Innovation” isn’t “Innovation” Unless Things Improve!

So many times people claim that they are innovators, only to bring to market a product that does nothing to improve the processes that are already happening. Another “option” is not an innovation unless it is better than the options already available.

For example, the car was another option when it came to transportation, but if it went the same speed as a horse, it wouldn’t have been an innovation that offered any value or improvement over the current options. The NO RAMP Trailer offers significant improvements over current options on the market, making it not only an innovation but a valuable tool for anyone who transports equipment.

We believe that NO RAMP Trailers is innovation at its finest! Not only do we offer a product that can eliminate injuries, but that can save you time and money and limit equipment damage! That is innovation on many different fronts!

So demand more than just another option…demand innovation in your next trailer! Check us out online at to see examples of the innovations listed above!

So demand more than just another option…demand innovation in your next trailer! Check us out online at to see examples of the innovations listed above! 

What is it worth?

There’s a show on TV called Antique’s Road Show, and in it, people come to a central location and have their valuables appraised. Now, some of these folks bought these items and know they are valuable (or at least HOPE they are), and others are bringing in family heirlooms and they have no idea of the value of their item. Some come in and are surprised pleasantly, and some are heartbroken. Some find out they have spent money on a fake, or broken item. Some find out that their pocket watch that they had only valued for sentimental reasons, is worth a small fortune!

What if we had an “Employee Value Roadshow”? What if you walked into a central location and had to tell your employees face to face how much you were willing to spend to ensure their safety each day…in a sense, tell them their “worth” to you? Would they leave surprised, or heartbroken? Would they know you valued them as people and as employees, or would they leave muttering about how you only look at the bottom line? NO RAMP Trailers is all about safety! In fact, one of the three benefits of our trailers is “eliminating injury”. This is more than a mantra for us…it is a huge part of why we are in business!

So you may or may not have an 18th Century painting worth $1 million, but you DO have the power to do things at your business that protects the most valuable thing you are responsible for…your employees well being!”

3 Things You Won’t Say On Your Death Bed

An often heard saying is that “no one on their deathbed wishes they would have worked more hours, and spent less with their family…it is almost always the other way around”. This resonates with me, and it occurred to me when getting ready to write this week’s blog that when you look at the three benefits of having a No Ramp Trailer, the reverse of each is also something that no one would say in the twilight of their life. Let’s look at these three by using “quotes” from imaginary people who are in their older years:

1. “I sure do wish I could have facilitated opportunities for more people to get injured.”
At NO RAMP Trailers, one of the things we pride our product on is its ability to lessen or eliminate injury. No boss wants to be injured or have the employees that he has invested both time and money in,  get hurt and have to be off of work or quit completely due to their injuries! 
2. “If only I could have completely wasted more time and money!”
This is a saying I am SURE I have never heard! At NO RAMP Trailers, another main reason we exist is to help you SAVE time and money! Not only is this a great way to live in general, it is a MUST when it comes to running a successful business! 
3. “Equipment for the career I chose was kind of pricey…if only there could have been a way to damage MORE of it so I could waste profits repairing or replacing it.”
When you invest money in equipment, the LAST thing you want to do is replace it or repair before you have to! Another main benefit to our trailers is the ability to help reduce this risk so that you can spend more of your dollars and time on other areas of your business.
So make sure and take a look at what a NO RAMP Trailer has to offer your business….if you do when you are in your later years, you may be heard uttering, “One of the best business decisions I ever made was buying a NO RAMP Trailer!”..That sounds a LOT better than “If ONLY I would have bought one of those NO RAMP Trailers…”!
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The Cost of Injury

The NO RAMP trailer has many benefits. So many benefits, in fact, that we decided, to keep it easier for our customers, we would categorize all of them, and then narrow it down to three main points. Today we are going to hone in on the first one; Eliminate injuries.

According to OSHA’s most recent count, there was 2.9 million workplace related injuries in 2015. The average cost of each of these injuries? Brace yourselves; it is over $15,000. If you are a business owner and reading this right now, your mouth probably just dropped. That is a significant number of injuries, but on top of that, the average cost means that business owners that are not doing all they can to mitigate risks in their work are sitting on a potential ticking time bomb. While NO RAMP Trailers will not prevent all accidents in your workplace, they will significantly reduce injuries for those who transport equipment. 

The lifting, straining, jarring and jerking that comes from lifting heavy ramps with traditional trailers is an invitation for injury that quite frankly, you and your employee cannot afford. The average cost of one of our trailers, by the way, is less than that $15,000 average incident cost, making anyone with at least one employee a candidate for benefitting from NO RAMP Trailers being a part of their business risk mitigation plan.

So call us today. Go to our website and/or Facebook page today. Start the process in some way of learning more about NO RAMP Trailers and how we can help you do your best to keep your workplace injury free!

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